The story of Natura Amica begins in 1983, when Antonio and Maja Campagnoli give life to their dream of a return to the origins and natural processes, to create a better future for their children and their community. An adventure that starts from Piacenza...


Respect for the person and the environment are fundamental values that have always been part of the essence and philosophy of Natura Amica. Over time, the company's values and commitment have never changed: to create and offer effective...


Living in a healthier, more authentic world and in connection with Nature is also our dream. We are simple and authentic people, who enthusiastically try to improve their work by doing something good for us and you. We love our commitment...


Home Care

To thoroughly clean your home we use effective concentrated natural powders.

Certified organic, biodegradable and non-polluting. They are nickel-tested and protect the skin from irritation.

Without Dyes, Optical Brighteners, Synthetic Surfactants

Beauty Care

To love you safely for your skin, even if delicate.

Our products contain natural antibacterial and herbal ingredients. They are nickel tested and hypoallergenic.

Alcohol-Free, Parabens, Aluminium Hydrochloride


To take care, protect and pamper our furry friends in full respect of nature and its health. Products of natural origin and certified organic.


Without alcohol, dyes, parabens and petrolatum.


Does the problem of slow drains annoy you?

In the kitchen as in the bathroom it can happen that the sink drains get clogged. Between various food residues or hair and dander in the bathroom it is normal. We do not always use the filter for the sink, or sometimes when we clean it we forget to reapply it immediately, and residues of all kinds go to deposit in the pipes, slowing down the drain. But there is a really clever way to fix it. And above all ecological!

Choose to use this highly effective treatment that ensures thorough cleaning and a long life for the washing machine

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in our homes. Keeping it tidy and always fragrant is an obligation and a pleasure that we cannot escape from.

Choose natural detergents to clean and sanitize your home while keeping children safe

Cleaning and sanitizing the house to keep children safe is certainly a priority, but you also have to deal with the ecological and economic aspect. There is a risk of invading pantries and above all of using chemicals, which then end up being ...

3 ways to effortlessly have a shiny and fragrant home using our natural Citric Acid

Often, when it comes to cleaning the house in an environmentally friendly way, we hear about citric acid. But what exactly is it? And above all, does it really work? Citric acid is a substance naturally contained in citrus fruits, for example in lemons and...

Do you know how to remove streaks and difficult yellow stains from home curtains?

Hard to believe but the curtains of our house are a real receptacle of dust and dirt. Very often they are covered with stains of the most varied types. Especially in the kitchen or in environments where there are fireplaces, stoves,...

How to permanently eliminate the annoying persistent smell of sweat that soaks on our clothes?

Sometimes it happens, after washing and wearing a shirt or your favorite shirt fresh from laundry, to feel the classic smell of sweat after a very short time. What a great hassle! But above all it seems to make no sense: we are there ...

Do-it-yourself natural descale

Not everyone knows that citric acid is great for removing limescale from the washing machine and dishwasher, but also from sinks, pots, steel surfaces, glasses and jugs for water. This natural melter has no smell, does not leave...

How to clean floors without polluting using natural methods

Do you want to sanitize and eliminate bacteria from the floors of your home but do not want to use bleach because it is dangerous for your health and that of your children?

No more encrusted stoves!

Have you had guests at dinner and the kitchen is a disaster? Your stove is always encrusted and you don't know how to do it? We help you! Just have our natural Citric Acid, and in a few minutes your stove will come back bright and...

How to keep your coffee machine and steam appliances in perfect condition with our natural descales

Do you think your coffee machine or your Vaporella are to be thrown away? Wait! We'll think about it! We present our brand new Descales for coffee machines and organic steam appliances in concentrated powder, which help you to keep in perfect condition and extend the life of your household appliances.

Changing wardrobes: discover the beauty routine for your winter clothes

Spring has arrived! It's time to put your wool or cashmere sweaters and sweaters in the closet until next winter. But do you know how to wash them at home before putting them back in the closet without damaging them and maintaining the softness that we like so much?