Often, when it comes to cleaning the house in an ecological way, we hear about citric acid. But what exactly is it? And above all, does it really work? Citric acid is a substance naturally contained in citrus fruits, for example in lemons and oranges. We at Natura Amica were pioneers in this area: it is no coincidence that Citric Acid is one of our best sellers, precisely because it allows you to clean your home in an ecological way. Its properties are in fact many: thanks to its acidity it works perfectly as a descaler, descaler, and sanitizer.  

But how can we use it to clean the home environment? Here are 3 ways to have a shiny and fragrant home effortlessly using this natural product 

Descale and descaler for the washing machine 

Do we want to deeply clean our washing machine but don't want to use aggressive detergents? Citric acid is for us. Its descaling power and its descaling function allow you to get a very clean washing machine without using elbow grease. What Should I do? Let's take a liter of water and pour between 150 and 200 grams of Natura Amica Citric Acid. We mix well and pour the entire solution into the washing machine. Let's do a high-temperature wash with citric acid and that's it!

Disgorgement for pipes 

Having clogged drains brings discomfort and above all bad smells into the home. Using citric acid it is possible to solve this problem in a short time. We pour about 30 grams of citric acid in 200 ml of water and put it aside. We pour into the clogged pipe 100 grams of sodium bicarbonate and immediately after that the solution of citric acid and water. The two substances react with each other because one is acidic and the other weakly alkaline, the effervescence that is obtained (you can see and hear up in the pipes) involves a mechanical action that mobilizes the dirt and frees the drain. Do not approach your face and hold your breath!

Bleach the tile joints

How bad it is to see dark and dirty joints between beautiful tiles. Difficult to clean, the joints often remain in this state for years. Let's try citric acid to see extraordinary results. We prepare a bottle with a sprayer and fill it with 500 ml of water. We pour 50 grams of citric acid and mix well. Attention, let's put on gloves for this operation. We spray the solution directly on the joints and scrub with an abrasive sponge. The joints of your tiles have never been so clean !!