Not everyone knows that citric acid is excellent for removing limescale from washing machines and dishwashers, but also from sinks, pots, steel surfaces, glasses and water jugs. This natural lime remover has no odor, leaves no residue and does not burn on the hands. The substantial differences with traditional products are its eco-compatibility and the contact time, which must be a little longer. Citric acid can be used for the preparation of an anti-limescale to be used on all washable surfaces, on bathroom fixtures and on tiles (excluding marble and wood)’acido citrico è ottimo per togliere il calcare da lavatrice e lavastoviglie, ma anche da lavandini, pentole, superfici di acciaio, bicchieri e brocche per l’acqua. Questo scioglicalcare naturale non ha odore, non lascia residui e non brucia sulle mani. Le differenze sostanziali con i prodotti tradizionali sono la sua ecocompatibilità e il tempo di contatto, che deve essere un po’ più lungo. L’acido citrico può essere utilizzato per la preparazione di un anticalcare da utilizzare su tutte le superfici lavabili, sui sanitari e sulle piastrelle (escludendo marmo e legno).  

How is it prepared?

It will be sufficient to dissolve 2 tablespoons of citric acid in 1 liter of water. It is advisable to transfer the descale thus obtained into a spray container to facilitate its use on the surfaces to be cleaned with a soft cloth. Let it act before rinsing. Alternatively, pour the solution of water and citric acid into a container in which to immerse the objects from which to remove the limescale, such as the hand shower, the filters of the taps and the caps of bathtubs and sinks. Obviously, at the end it is good to rinse, like any detergent.