Sometimes it happens, after having washed and wearing a freshly laundered T-shirt or your favorite shirt, to notice the classic smell of sweat after a very short time. What a big hassle! But above all it seems to make no sense: we washed, the garment is clean ... How is that possible? Unfortunately, if we do not wash our garments frequently and regularly, they tend to absorb sweat which, impregnating the fabric, becomes trapped. And there is no washing machine that can solve the problem in a simple way. But the solution exists, and we at Natura Amica will reveal it to you! Just use our eco detergent in Delicate clothes with Marseille soap. It is a concentrated powder detergent for hand and washing machine laundry: the natural Marseille soap cleanses dirt while respecting the garments and even the most delicate fabrics, the baking soda instead whitens and eliminates bad odors, as well as performing a degreasing and descaling action. What monti does not know is that it also contains Citric Acid, which in addition to being a completely natural ingredient is a very strong odor absorber.  

So thanks to this fantastic product you will be able to permanently eliminate the annoying persistent smell of sweat from your favorite clothes.  

How to use it? 

To be sure to permanently eliminate bad smells, we recommend leaving the garments to soak in warm water for about 30 minutes after having dissolved 2 tablespoons of product.