Do you think your coffee machine or your Vaporella are to be thrown away? Wait! We'll think about it! We present our brand new Descales for coffee machines and organic steam appliances in concentrated powder, which help you to keep in perfect condition and extend the life of your household appliances. Decalcificanti per le macchine da caffè e per gli elettrodomestici a vapore biologici in polvere concentrata, che vi aiutano a mantenere in perfetto stato e a prolungare la vita dei vostri apparecchi domestici. 

The first can be used in coffee machines of any type: espresso, filter mocha and capsule. Thanks to its formulation, the product removes limescale, cleans and prevents corrosion of the metal parts of the machine in a natural way, without leaving traces of smell or taste following a simple rinse. 

Proper maintenance of the machine extends its life, thus obtaining superior quality coffee, with the best aroma and flavor, while respecting the organoleptic qualities of the coffee. 

The descaler for steam appliances, completely natural, environmentally friendly, and odorless, contains weak acids to descale, clean, and keep household appliances in a perfect condition such as iron, Vaporella, vaporizers, food processors, without damaging and corroding the metal parts. Easy and quick to use, respectful of the materials, properly diluted in water and/or applied directly to the parts to be treated, it is effective against limescale residues and guarantees thorough cleaning of the equipment.  

The 120gr packs allow 10 complete treatments (12gr per treatment, equal to a cooking spoon), with an extremely competitive price.  

Even the packaging is sustainable: Aticelca certified, it can be safely disposed of in paper. certificato Aticelca può essere tranquillamente smaltito nella carta. 

Like all Natura Amica products, the new natural descales are AIAB certified (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture), and made entirely in Italy certificati AIAB (Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica), e realizzati completamente in Italia.