In recent years it has become a real piece of furniture, which does not lose its charm over time, and, which also pleases the younger generations: the carpet. And if at first it only adorned our rooms, now it is easy to find it even in children's rooms, in the antique rooms and wherever it can give an extra touch to the environment.  

But... there is a though! The carpet is indeed a fascinating piece of furniture, but it is also a carrier of mites and dust like few other objects in the house. If someone in the family is allergic, it becomes a real daily battle. 

We at Natura Amica today want to tell you how to take care of the carpets at home without using harmful chemical solutions.  

Before moving on to the solution, it is better to immediately see what not to do in order not to spoil our carpets: 

  1. a) slam them out of the window too vigorously;
  2. b) put them in the washing machine;
  3. c) use very aggressive stain removers and detergents.

Even just one of these actions could in fact compromise the knots and weaves of your carpet irreparably. 

So here's how to clean carpets at home without using harmful chemical solutions, but ecological and economical. The king of the most efficient and natural remedies is sodium percarbonate, able to sanitize and at the same time to safeguard our carpets.

Sodium percarbonate does not pollute, is safe for health and is free of any harmful chemical ingredient that can damage the different materials present in our home.

It comes in powder form, is odorless and is soluble in water. 

Thanks to its action it can lighten graying and yellowed carpets, bringing them back to their natural splendor, without polluting. It is delicate on coloured carpets, on which it also has a sanitizing action. Sodium percarbonate can therefore be used on both white and coloured garments, on cotton linen or other fibres with the exception of wool, linen, leather or silk. 

How to use it? 

Prepare your spray with (how much?) water and 2 tablespoons of sodium percarbonate. Shake and vaporize on the carpets, letting it act for a couple of hours after which remove it with the vacuum cleaner (is it correct??). 

Sodium percarbonate is an excellent and natural compound not only for bleaching and removing stains from fabrics, but also for cleaning tile joints or washing floors, as well as being a powerful sanitizer. 

We love the Future!