Cleaning the refrigerator also means eliminating bad odors and bacteria that can lurk in our appliance

In fact, it happens that these bacteria are present in large quantities inside this appliance, perhaps due to some expired and forgotten product

Frequent cleaning of the fridge and the fridge, operating 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, is therefore essential for the good preservation of our food.

The refrigerator, as a rule, should be cleaned at least once a month, thus preventing the proliferation of ice, mold or other microorganisms that could end up in our foods. 

Before we deal with how to clean the refrigerator with natural products, let's first see how to make cleaning easier.

Just use a few small precautions. 

Clean the refrigerator and freezer with natural products 

First of all, we avoid overfilling the refrigerator, and we always try to keep the temperature on to allow the refrigerator to cool properly. 

It is also a good rule to remove residues and grease stains from the refrigerator as soon as they form, preventing them from drying out forming scale. 

For cleaning instead we proceed first to defrost the freezer if full of ice. Of course it is necessary to have the foresight to choose a day when the refrigerator is practically empty so as not to make the food go bad.

After unplugging we will put plastic containers in the points of leakage of water and rags on the ground. 

For the most resistant ice or we can use a sponge or spatula, being careful not to damage the walls of the appliance. 

Once the ice is cleared, we dry the surfaces with a clean cotton cloth and then start with the actual cleaning. 

We will need citric acid, sanitizing degreaser, a basin with hot water, a microfiber or cotton cloth, a sponge and a pair of rubber gloves. 

Citric acid is the ideal product to clean the fridge thanks to its degreasing and sanitizing properties.

How to use?

In a bowl we will mix 3 tablespoons of citric acid with 1 cup of hot water, creating a fairly dense mixture that we will then pass – with a sponge and a toothbrush for the corners – on the walls, surfaces and drawers of the fridge in order to peel and sanitize.  

Then rinse everything with warm water and let it dry, leaving the doors of the fridge open, in a ventilated environment. 

How to eliminate bad odors from the fridge 

And for the persistent bad smells that dwell in our refrigerator?

We at Natura Amica today offer you a specific product for this function: the Multipurpose Degreaser

This product is very simple to use and the results will be extraordinary: in a few minutes you will eliminate any trace of bad smell from your refrigerator.  

How to use it? In a basin of hot water we pour two tablespoons of the product making it dissolve well. In this mixture we soak a soft sponge, squeeze it and gently rub it on surfaces, shelves, drawers and shelves and from our fridge. Finally we pass again on all surfaces a microfiber or cotton cloth soaked in water alone.

The Multipurpose Degreaser from Natura Amica is not only useful as a deodorant. In fact, only one product is valid for three: deodorant, detergent and sanitizer for the walls of our refrigerator. 



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