In the kitchen as in the bathroom it can happen that the sink drains get clogged. Between various food residues or hair and dander in the bathroom it is normal. We do not always use the filter for the sink, or sometimes when we clean it we forget to reapply it immediately, and residues of all kinds go to deposit in the pipes, slowing down the drain. But there is a really clever way to fix it. And above all ecological!

What can we use?

Of course, we can try with the plunger ... sometimes it is enough, but more often than not there is a need for more aggressive products, which destroy the traffic jam. But we at Natura Amica today reveal a trick that few people know. And it is a remedy that will save you on the purchase of other products since its use is multiple: Citric Acid!

Completely natural, therefore free from harmful chemistry, thanks to its composition it dissolves the traffic jams that can be created in the sink drains.

Natura Amica Citric Acid is in poor form to avoid wasting water, just dissolve 5 tablespoons, equal to 60 gr. in a liter of water, pour everything down the drain and leave it to act for at least 15 minutes. Then pour hot, not boiling water down the drain. And that's it. No more traffic jams!

If the problem of slow drains particularly afflicts you, then you will not have to spend more money on specific products, but use Natura Amica Citric Acid, a natural multipurpose compound that allows you to say goodbye to various household cleaning chemicals. A single product for multiple solutions, with great savings for our pockets as well as natural and ecological!


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