Hard to believe but the curtains in our house are a real receptacle of dust and dirt. Very often they are covered with stains of the most varied types. Especially in the kitchen or in environments where there are fireplaces, stoves, radiators or the presence of smokers. They are the first to absorb cooking fats, soot, cigarette smoke and dust that circulates in the air. tende della nostra casa sono un vero e proprio ricettacolo di polvere e sporcizia. Molto spesso si ricoprono di macchie delle più svariate tipologie. In modo particolare in cucina o in ambienti dove ci sono camini, stufe, termosifoni o presenza di fumatori. Sono le prime ad assorbire i grassi della cucina, la fuliggine, il fumo di sigarette e la polvere che circola in aria. 

Do not worry, we will help you to solve this annoying problem!

Very few know the tricks to make all the halos and difficult yellow stains disappear from the curtains of the house, let's see which ones.

For white or light colored curtains we recommend our Natural Lye, super effective against stubborn stains, yellow halos and stubborn dirt.  

A formulation that comes from the simplest tradition, with a blend of natural active ingredients: Percarbonate, Marseille Soap and Citric Acid to clean even the most difficult dirt without leaving toxic residues. It does not contain phosphorus compounds and optical brighteners ensuring an economical and ecological washing  

To ensure clean curtains that all your neighbors will envy, just put 2 tablespoons of lye directly into the detergent dispenser and wash even at a low temperature.

For hand washing, fill a basin with lukewarm water and add 2 doses of eco-detergent. Leave the curtains to soak for about 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly.  

Did you know that lye is also good for degreasing dishes?  

Well yes! Just put 3 tablespoons of this eco-detergent in a basin of water (about 5 liters), and leave the dishes to soak for 30 minutes; then proceed with rinsing with running water.