Cleaning and sanitizing the home to keep children safe is certainly a priority, but we must also deal with the ecological and economic aspect. There is a risk of invading the pantries and above all of using chemicals, which then end up being harmful and harmful. When children crawl on the ground, they come into contact with the floor and with the products used to clean it. This could cause allergies or redness due to their delicate skin. A useful first step will be to wash the shoes at the entrance or remove them directly, so as to avoid further bacteria in the house. Certainly one should not overdo it with alarmism, but find the right balance with the use of sanitizing products, alternate them with some stratagem with natural elements that will be effective. When babies are only a few months old, it is instinctive and necessary for them to put objects and toys in their mouths. So it is advisable to wash them properly with soap or ecological detergent to avoid various infections. For the floor and the safety of your children we have studied the detergent in powder with sanitizing action formulated for a deep and effective cleaning of all surfaces, even the most delicate. Thoroughly clean and shiny floors respecting nature, thanks to the active oxygen released by percarbonate and the degreasing power of citric acid contained in this natural powder. Practical and fast, it melts perfectly in contact with water without leaving streaks. Also ideal for cleaning sinks and sanitary ware. Without rinsing

How to use it 

Just dissolve a teaspoon of eco detergent in 5 liters of hot water, and wipe the surface to be washed with a soaked and well wrung cloth. Remember: the powder is super concentrated, it works perfectly with the recommended doses !!