Beauty Care

Take care of your skin, even the most sensitive, in total safety. Our products contain natural antibacterial, vegetable ingredients and are free of Alcohol, Parabens and Aluminum Hydrochloride.

Select the Category

  • Deo roll-on 75Ml

    4,79 IVA inclusa
  • DeoVapo spray noGas 100Ml

    4,79 IVA inclusa
  • DeoVapo Lux NoGas 100Ml

    5,99 IVA inclusa
  • Mild intimate cleanser with concentrated organic aloe juice 200ML

    3,99 IVA inclusa
  • DeoVapo feet and footwear 100Ml

    5,29 IVA inclusa
  • Deodorant foot bath 120Gr

    4,99 IVA inclusa
  • DeoStick Alum di Rocca 60gr

    3,99 IVA inclusa
  • Foot and shoe powder 120Gr

    5,29 IVA inclusa
  • Rock alum aftershave crystal 90gr

    4,99 IVA inclusa
  • Deo Gel 75Ml

    4,79 IVA inclusa
  • Regenerating Thalasso Footbath 120Gr

    4,99 IVA inclusa
  • Thalasso detox footbath 120gr

    4,99 IVA inclusa
  • Refreshing foot bath 120Gr

    4,99 IVA inclusa
  • Post-shave pencils Alum di Rocca 3x5gr

    3,49 IVA inclusa
  • Relaxing foot bath 120gr

    4,99 IVA inclusa
  • Balancing Thalasso Foot Bath 120 Gr

    4,99 IVA inclusa
  • Relaxing footbath sachet 25Gr

    0,85 IVA inclusa
  • Refreshing footbath sachet 25Gr

    0,85 IVA inclusa

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