The green enters the homes of Italians, also through cleaning


Investigating the home habits of Italians, it emerges that since last year more has been cleaned, making, however, also more attention to the environment and choosing DIY. Vileda and Natura Amica launch new eco-friendly products We are now used to it: the changes brought by the pandemic are many and, to look at the glass half full, there is some positive implication. A recent research conducted by Everli – the online shopping marketplace – recorded a 375% increase in purchases of household cleaning products in 2020. The data obtained reveal, compared to 2019, an increase of 408% for eco-sustainable products, while 72% of respondents say they use natural ingredients.

Probably thanks to the forced quarantines, 6 out of 10 Italians have improved their home habits: not only is it cleaned more, but it is also done in an increasingly green way. According to Everli's study, the provinces of Sondrio, Verona and Cremona are the ones to secure a first place for online purchases, while in regional terms it is Veneto that wins the gold medal. Customs and traditions in house cleaning How much time do Italians devote to cleaning the house?

According to the results of the research, 4 out of 10 of them take an average of three hours a week to clean their home, while 23% say they do not spend more than two hours of their time. In addition, 46% of citizens say they take care of domestic workers themselves, 34% share them with their cohabitant, while only 23% admit to relying on an external professional. For most of them, on average 35%, the best days to do chores are Friday or Monday, so you can enjoy the weekend off. However, although 43% of respondents consider it important to adopt a more sustainable and green lifestyle, many still do not use eco-friendly products due to the too high price and doubts about their actual effectiveness.

Despite this, 72% of Italians choose to replace detergents with natural products such as baking soda, vinegar, and lemon. New products on the market In times of pandemic, cleaning, and bacteria are the most dangerous demons. So how can we protect ourselves? Vileda and Natura Amica make space on the market to enter the home, offering consumers eco-friendly and effective products. The first was responsible for the launch of the Vileda ultra-fresh ironing board cover, a product capable of reducing the proliferation of bacteria by up to 99.9%, and the new microfiber cloth, made of 100% recycled Pet, obtained from plastic bottles.

Natura Amica instead introduces the decalcifier for coffee machines and for organic steam appliances in concentrated powder. A natural and odorless product both in terms of use in coffee machines.

– espresso, moka, filter and capsules

– both for its application on household appliances. Everdrop products, the Munich startup that produces eco-sustainable cleaning items, also arrive in Italy. The Everdrop range includes cleaning tablets

– soluble in water

– suitable for bathroom, kitchen and glass surfaces, created with vegan and biodegradable ingredients, without the use of chemicals. The company also produces powdered detergents for the washing machine which, in addition to being packaged with reusable tin containers, allow to reduce the presence of pollutants

– type surfactants – up to 50% and decrease the dosage of product used for washing. Still to stay on topic, it seems that the homemade expression is becoming a practical fact among Italians. In accordance with the new trend, Sodastream x Pepsi has created seven new concentrates.

– Pepsi, 7Up and mirinda orange in variants with and without sugar – to create carbonated drinks directly at home.

Preparing drinks has never been so fast and plastic-free: simply fill the Sodastream bottle with tap water, press the gasifier button, add the desired aroma and shake well.

A way to give vent to creativity by making a gift to the environment: a single concentrate allows you to produce a number of drinks equivalent to a pack of 6 bottles of 1.5 liters, allowing a huge saving of disposable plastic.


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