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The Natura Amica foot line naturally deodorizes and keeps the foot fresh throughout the day, avoiding bacterial proliferation thanks to the rock alum. It is made only with natural ingredients, hypoallergenic and tested respecting the physiological Ph of the skin. All products are subjected to tests, controls and strict rules to guarantee the highest quality standards and are natural, effective, fast and simple to use. The references available include, among the powders for foot baths, the new proposals on the shelf: the Thalasso Foot Line Regenerating Footbath with the scent of Green Tea, which also contains lactic acid and salicylic acid; the Thalasso Foot Detox Footbath Line at the ghassoul, an innovative super concentrated powder formula based on soap-giving clay originating from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco; the Thalasso Foot Foot Bath Line rebalancing with rice starch, super concentrated powder formula ideal for regenerating the skin of the feet making it more elastic, hydrated and fresh, and perfect as a treatment for irritation, redness and dermatitis.


The Natura Amica deodorants show equal attention to the skin, again with rock alum, with a rebalancing power for perspiration. These products do not contain alcohol, parabens and aluminum hydrochloride to respect the skin; the only preservatives used are vegetable and natural. The references are also fragrance-free and are tested and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and delicate ones. Available to the end customer i Vapo and Roll-on deodorants enriched with vegetable glycerin. Luxury reference is Vapolux Organic, an elegant deodorant, which ennobles the skin thanks to the moisturizing action of vegetable glycerin. Aloe vera juice soothes and avoids skin redness, while rock alum guarantees protection from odors. Effective 24H, it does not stain and does not leave streaks on clothes, thanks to its fast-absorbing formula.


The brand offers a wide range of proposals that allows the consumer to take care of his personal well-being. The Feet Line and the Deodorants are two of these worlds

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