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The choice of powder detergent as an emblem of the green approach: Zeca's We love the future slogan embodies the promise of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Is it possible to create products for the care of the person, of the house, of animals by returning to natural processes, with minimal chemistry, protecting the environment?

Yes, according to the intentions of Natura Amica, a brand of the Zeca company born in the nineties in the Piacenza countryside from the idea of Antonio Campagnoli, chemist, and his wife Maya. It all began in the Eighties with totally natural deodorants based on rock alum. After five or six years, here are the powder detergents, a true intuition: “It was a question - explains CEO Raffaella Campagnoli - to treasure ancient traditions, updating them.

Concentrated powder has become the protagonist of detergent for washing machines, for fabric softeners and also for pet care. The powder formula, moreover, with a higher yield than the liquid one, guarantees less waste in production, smaller packaging, low costs.

Today Natura Amica is present with its three categories on the shelves of large-scale distribution. The 80% of the turnover comes from the domestic market (40% large-scale retail trade, 30% specialized, 30% retail). The presence in retail stores has recently been revised, involving agencies with the task of supervising operators in the various regions, especially in the South. sustainability, which we oversee with an exclusive distributor; United Arab Emirates and Bahrain; Eastern Europe, with agreements in place with Croatia, the Baltic countries. Development objectives for 2022 are Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, all very attentive to the green issue ".

The important growth results obtained in the last year are also the result of the work carried out by the new commercial director, Davide Andreoli, who has restructured the sales force network.

Phigital operation

The digital activity is an integral part of Natura Amica's business and has been essential in the strategy that led to a 12% growth in turnover; the work carried out has also made it possible to communicate better with the end customer and educate him on the correct use of products and powders in a special way. Social Media and the website have also captured the interest of Millennials and the male audience, reached with more effort until two years ago. The btob web area also served to build a direct dialogue with the buyers of the large-scale distribution: through captivating videos the use of the products and also their mix is explained.


12% Growth in turnover


40% Large-scale distribution channel incidence


80% Weight of the Italian market


60% Turnover generated by the Natura Amica brand

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