When sustainability is finally a philosophy of life

Lhe sustainability is no longer an alternative, but a duty. Because taking care of yourself, your home and loved ones also means committing yourself to the protection of the planet. And consciously choose products for the home, skin and animals that are ecological and attentive to the environment. A mission that embodies the spirit of Natura Amica since its foundation.

Ecological, bio, planet-friendly, sustainable ... So many words to remind us of one truth: there is no reserve planet. The truth is that attention to the environment and the desire to protect it through research and innovation is a need felt by Natura Amica long before 2019. In fact, since its foundation, the Piacenza company has been well aware of the need to bring positive change to the world, made up of cutting-edge processes and respect for traditions, the territory, the environment.

A real revolution is taking place in the world green. The protagonists are consumers, who should increasingly demand attention from companies. By promoting radical change and finding a way to defend against greenwashing and from claim misleading advertising. It's not all organic that glitters in between slogan well designed and packaging of "natural" colors. From certifications to formulas, sustainability truly becomes the heart of the company only when it involves every aspect of production. And this is precisely the Green 2.0 vision of Friendly Nature. 


A story of innovation and respect

Natura Amica began in 1983, when Antonio and Maja Campagnoli founded ZECA Group SRL. A 100% company made in Italy, located 20km from Piacenza, and concentrated on the will of create a better future for children and for the community. As well as, of course, Antonio's passion for applied science and chemistry. And it is precisely from the union between science and traditions that Natura Amica was born in 2000, the embodiment of Antonio's desire to experiment with solutions in which progress and nature can coexist. A continuous research with the aim of applying the natural formulas learned from the tradition of his family to technology and innovation and to create products dedicated to hygiene, personal care and fragrance, for the home and pets. All this has led to an ever better definition of the identity of the family-run company: respect for the person, but also for the environment

Values that distinguish Natura Amica's commitment to safeguarding the Planet. The formulations of products for home, personal and animal care do not contain any type of harmful chemistry or ingredients of animal origin, in addition to being cruelty-free. The company's gaze is projected towards a better future, now as at its foundation. Improving and engaging every day to be able to live in a greener world and in connection with Nature is, even today, the engine of the creativity of the Natura Amica team.


Sustainability according to Natura Amica

The heart of Natura Amica's business vision are organic, organic and sustainable ingredients, from natural and renewable sources, with zero impact. A philosophy that goes perfectly with the continuous search for innovation, respecting nature. And in the creation of new formulations, blends and products that really know how to please everyone. From deodorants to intimate cleaners, from home fragrances to eco-detergents for washing machines and dishwashers, to lotions for pets, all products are respectful of the skin and the environment, without sacrificing hygiene

The Natura Amica formulations, in fact, are made in powder to limit water waste, also avoiding the addition of preservatives and stabilizers that are harmful to the environment. Not only that: the powder formulas allow a less waste of plastic for packaging and, consequently, simplified transport thanks to the smaller footprint of the packaging. An effort aimed at reducing pollution, which is confirmed in the choice to make the same company management totally green and sustainable. An example? Reduce internal paper use and choosing not to print catalogs. 

Natura Amica's vocation for sustainability is also reflected in the continuous search for improvement. In fact, the team recently succeeded in replacing the non-woven fabric with an innovative type of non-woven fabric - discovered by Professor Campagnoli - and made with a viscose fiber derived from cellulose. Completely natural, it combines with Aticelca certified paper giving life to a 100% recyclable packaging. 

For Natura Amica respecting the Planet and nature does not only mean not using potentially harmful and polluting components, but also help those who use its products to avoid wasting electricity. The whole line dedicated to the care of household appliances, in fact, not only respects nature, but helps the machinery to protect the metal parts, remove limescale and act on the drains in order to reduce consumption, as well as restore the appliance to its original. efficiency, allowing it to last much longer. The detergents that complete the range also offer one ecological and natural solution to all daily problems.


The scientific study of Nature and certifications

All Natura Amica products are certified Bio Eco Detergence and Vegan Quality by AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture). There is no lack of certifications regarding the performance of Natura Amica lines. The efficacy and safety of the products, in fact, is demonstrated by laboratory tests, but also by the Lab4Life certificate. Bacteria, yeasts and fungal spores are, in fact, 100% eliminated by Natura Amica products. Naturally, in full respect of the environment


Three lines to take care of yourself, your home and those you love

Natura Amica produces a wide range of products, designed to take care of the house, people and animals. All the formulas, in fact, are organic, biodegradable, vegan, nickel-free, hypoallergenic and not tested on animals, but also designed to respect the natural pH of the skin, even the most sensitive. The purpose of Natura Amica, in fact, is to create advanced products, which do not contain harmful substances that negatively affect the world. Precisely for this reason, the company uses increasingly innovative natural active ingredients, respecting the environment and the person. In addition, they are used to minimize water waste active ingredients in powder form, to be diluted only at the time of use. A simple and innovative way to limit the use of plastic in packaging and simplify transport.

To thoroughly clean the house, the company formulated concentrated natural powders, certified organic, biodegradable and non-polluting. Free of dyes, optical brighteners and synthetic surfactants are the right solution forhome care. Equally careful personal care, designed to be delicate and sanitizing. Without alcohol, parabens, aluminum and hydrochloride, in fact, i skin products contain a natural antibacterial and herbal ingredients. Natura Amica also takes care of animals: to protect and pamper them, the formulations of the products are not only of natural origin and certified organic, but also without alcohol, dyes, parabens and petrolatum.

All lines are available on the ecommerce site www.naturaamica.care

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