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After the award-winning Natural Descalers in concentrated powder, highly appreciated by our customers and winners of the GDOWeek Brands Award in the "New Entry" category, this month we present the brand new natural powder degreasers, ideal for eliminating all traces of dirt and grease, as well as for sanitizing every domestic surface.

The Multipurpose Universal Degreaser, based on citric acid, a totally natural component derived from citrus fruits, is the ideal product to eliminate grease and dirt from smooth surfaces such as ovens, stoves, slicers, roller shutters and other domestic surfaces.

Like all Natura Amica products, it is made with natural, concentrated and completely biodegradable ingredients. The product formulation is in dust, to the pleasant scent of orange. Here are all the tips for a correct use of the product: https://naturaamica.care/product/sgrssatore-universale/

The MultiPurpose Sanitizing Degreaser, always in natural organic powder, is ideal for sanitizing and cleansing all domestic surfaces, from taps, to pots, to kitchen accessories. The product, with the pleasant scent of lemon, is composed entirely of vegetable and mineral ingredients from natural, renewable and biodegradable sources, perfectly in line with the principles of Natura Amica, in full respect of the environment and people.

Also in this case it is a concentrated powder product to be diluted in water. You can find the info on the correct use here: https://naturaamica.care/product/sgrassatore-igienizzante/

Your surfaces will be shiny and perfectly sanitized in a matter of seconds!

Completing the line, the Degreaser for glass and glossy surfaces: this product is also composed entirely of natural and biodegradable ingredients and completely free of harmful chemicals. As with the other products in the range, the formulation of the product is concentrated powder to be diluted in water, and at the same time it is also an excellent anti-limescale, ideal for perfect and effective cleaning of glass and glossy surfaces.

Here are the indications to use it to the fullest: https://naturaamica.care/product/sgrassatore-vetri-e-superfici-lucide/

The windows of your home will return to be bright and perfectly sanitized!

The multipurpose degreasers in powder, as well as all the natura Amica brand products, are certified BIO ECO DETERGENZA AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture) and Vegan Quality (ie totally free of components of animal origin), as well as being completely made in Italy. Even the packaging is sustainable: the packaging, certified Aticelca, can be safely disposed of in paper. Each pack contains 120gr and allows about 6 complete treatments (20gr per treatment, equal to two tablespoons each), at extremely competitive prices.

And to wash the dishes? Natura Amica has also thought of this: the ideal product is the super concentrated hand dishwasher in biodegradable natural powder.

This innovative formulation contains sodium percarbonate, which has a cleansing and sanitizing power, and citric acid, which has an anti-limescale and rinsevant action, preventing the deposit of water on dishes. Also this product is certified BIO ECO DETERGENT AIAB Vegan Quality. The packaging is made of recyclable plastic, which makes the packaging appropriate for disposal in plastic.

Natura Amica formulations are made of powder to minimize water waste and to minimize health risks: the 150-gram package is equivalent to 3 liters of liquid detergent.

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