Descaler for coffee machines and kettles 120 Gr

Super concentrated Vegan Eco descaler formula for coffee machines and kettles.



120 gr.

INCI: Citric acid, maltodextrin (bio).


The POWDER DESCALER FOR COFFEE MACHINES from Natura Amica it is the ideal product specifically designed for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations (cleaning, descaling and monthly maintenance) of kettles and all coffee machines, including moka.

Its exclusive super concentrated formula, odorless and tasteless, based on a combination of organic weak acids, 100% biodegradable obtained from renewable sources, allows to eliminate limescale deposits in water circulation systems, thus guaranteeing the correct functioning of the same, without affecting and corroding the metal parts. The maltodextrins present in the composition protect and keep the metal parts of the appliance shiny and bright. Regular use of this descaler prolongs the life of the machine, as well as improving its operation: the coffee has a superior quality aroma and flavor. 

Eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals it removes even the most stubborn limescale in a safe and natural way, without leaving odor and taste.

100% Natural. The DESCALING POWDER FOR COFFEE MACHINES from Natura Amica it does not contain 

  • Paraffins 
  • Dyes 
  • Parabens 
  • Ethyl alcohol 
  • Ingredients of animal origin or derivation. Natura Amica is against animal testing. 

Its innovative green formulation is based on 

  • citric acid to reducewater hardness and eliminate limescale residues by acting as a natural degreaser. 
  • Maltodextrin to ensure protection and keep the metal parts of the appliance shiny and bright. 

This product is designedto minimize environmental impact 

  • Depending on the degree and needs, just pour 1 dose in water to have the solution immediately ready for use. 
  • The transport of super concentrated products emitsless CO2, thanks to the lower volumes transported. 
  • With the powder formula, water consumption is reduced and only one cleaning product is purchased e ZERO harmful chemistry. 

Natura Amica advises 

The formation of limestone in household appliances that use hot water on a daily basis implies a 35% more energy consumption than a descaled device.  For this Natura Amica suggests to regularly clean these appliances with a specific product for  

  • Save energy  
  • Significantly improve the performance and life of the appliances themselves. 

One pack allows up to 10 complete treatments (one tablespoon per treatment). 

The product is certified BIO ECO DETERGENCY AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture) e Vegan quality (from the same institution, certainty that we do not use components of animal origin).

How to use  

Filter and capsule machines: with the machine off, fill the water tank and dissolve 3 to 5 doses of product. Once the powder has been diluted, start descaling by operating the coffee machine until the water runs out, at intervals of 30 seconds, collecting it in a container. Once the solution is finished, turn off the machine, rinse the tank, repeat the operation filling it onlywithwater and run the machine until it is empty.  

Steam wand of the coffee machine: immerse the lance in a solution of water and descaler by operating it a few times so that the jet removes dirt and milk residues. 

Mocha machines: put a teaspoon of product in the tank and add water. Close the mocha and place it on the stove. When all the water has risen, turn off and rinse before use. 

Kettle: Fill the switched off kettle with water up to the maximum level indicated by the appliance. Dissolve two doses of product and operate it. When it reaches the maximum boiling point, turn it off, empty it and rinse it. Use a sponge to clean the areas covered by limestone. 

IMPORTANT: If your fully automatic coffee machine has a specific descaling process, please follow the manufacturer's instructions available in the booklet or on its website. 

4 reviews for Decalcificante per macchine da caffè e bollitori 120Gr

  1. Balduzzi Rita -

    I tried it, skeptical, but I changed my mind. With 1 bag I did 6 treatments because the machine was full of limescale.

  2. AnnaChiara -

    Excellent product for descaling the coffee machine even if the procedure to follow is a bit long and cumbersome. I bought it from Il Tulipano and will absolutely buy it back because I like it a lot. I give 4 stars because the bag is a bit small.

  3. Anna Quintavalla -

    I am very happy because I was finally able to descale my Nespresso knowing that I was using something super natural.

  4. Carmela S. -

    I tried it from my mother because her kettle a kettle broke often because the water in Naples is very hard and there is a lot of limescale and we bought this product at the Despar supermarket and I must say that we liked it a lot although unfortunately every month we double repeat the treatment due to hardness

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