How to clean the kitchen with natural products

Cleaning the stove after cooking, and maybe after having already washed the dishes, is not exactly an activity that we do the jumps of joy. 

With some natural products, however, it is possible to "sweeten the pill" obtaining satisfactory results without wasting too much time and without using aggressive and polluting chemical detergents, which in the long run can ruin our surfaces.  

In this mini guide to cleaning the kitchen we will see how to make the hob, stoves, grills and burners shine. 

The Universal Degreaser by Natura Amica is ideal for stubborn dirt on stoves and hobs

Stains and incrustations are one with the hob that from breakfast to dinner is always on the "front line".  

Let's not despair though! To clean the stove effectively and naturally there are some simple, ecological and economical solutions! 

After removing the removable parts and the upper part of the stove (the flam covers) we will pass on the latter and on the plane a non-abrasive sponge soaked in water and citric acid. 

This operation allows us to remove dry dirt and fouling.  

The second step consists in preparing a mixture with two tablespoons of Universal Degreaser Natura Amica diluted in 500ml of hot water in which we will immerse again a sponge (or a microfiber cloth if it is a glass ceramic top and not in lacquered metal) with which to review the surfaces to remove the halos and return shiny stove and hob. 

Citric acid, the natural remedy for degreasing and polishing flare covers and knobs

Another method to effectively clean the flame covers is to soak them for about thirty minutes in hot water and citric acid and then rinse them with cold water. 

To remove the grease and grease that forms around the knobs of the stove we can instead use a toothbrush soaked in hot water and Ecodetersive Marseille Soap and Bicarbonate

To remove scale from grids nothing better than Percarbonate

To clean the grills of our hob we can use Percarbonate which among its many uses also includes bleaching and sanitizing

In a solution prepared with two tablespoons of percarbonate dissolved in 500ml of boiling water we will soak a sponge that we will use to rub the steel grids with a certain decision. 

If the grids have very resistant incrustations, the best solution is to immerse them for about twenty minutes in a mix previously prepared with two tablespoons of percarbonate and one of citric acid half a liter of water

Scales and halos will disappear on their own in contact with the solution.  

To complete the cleaning, we will use a cotton or microfiber cloth to dry. 

Lye for degreasing and citric acid for polishing 

The cleaning of our hob cannot be expected to be finished if we do not take care of the burners, the heart of the appliance, the most hidden part and therefore more prone to fouling.  

First of all, we verify that the holes from which the gas passes are free: for this purpose we can use a toothpick, to be gently rubbed on the gas outlet holes to free them from any obstruction. 

The advice to clean the burners is to immerse them in a solution of water and lye that will degrease by removing dirt, even the most stubborn. 

Again, for persistent stains we can pour an emulsion consisting of equal parts of Lye and water directly over the burners and then pass with a sponge before rinsing.

Finally, to make our burners shine we put a pot to boil with water, in which we will dissolve two tablespoons of citric acid. When the temperature is high enough, we soak a cotton cloth or microfiber in the solution, squeeze it and gently pass it over the burners so that they return to their former shine.

And voilà, every part of our kitchen will shine as if it were new! 


We love the Future! 



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