Long Live your Dishwasher! With the advice of Natura Amica

The Dishwasher… what a wonderful invention, what our daily life would be without this household appliance as useful as it is delicate! Oh yes, in order to last over time and function correctly, it needs a series of small precautions that allow it to wash our dishes at their best. During each wash, the dirt removed accumulates in the less accessible corners, creating bad odors and an unhygienic environment full of mold, bacteria and rust stains. Do not worry, from today, with our advice and our natural products, you can avoid all these annoying inconveniences.  


Let's start with the out of class of our line, the DISHWASHER CURAL: it removes grease, limescale, residues of chemical detergents from the appliance and sanitizes it by eliminating bad smells, freeing drains, polishing the metal parts and infusing a pleasant orange scent.  

Choose a program with a high temperature (always above 50 °), introduce a dose of CURAL DISHWASHER and programs an empty wash, the result is amazing! 


To keep your dishwasher in perfect shape, we recommend that you use the Dishwasher Cleaner at least once a month and always after the appliance has not been used for a while. 


While, to clean the internal parts without washing and without using chemicals, rely on ours Natural cleansers: from the lye, to the sanitizing degreaser ... just pour the quantity of product indicated in a little hot water and create a perfect mixture to degrease, sanitize and polish all metal parts. 


Declares war on limestone, dishwasher enemy number one with a powerful ally: the citric acid of Natura Amica, the ideal solution for descaling every part. Prepare a mixture by diluting the citric acid with a little water, let the product act for a few minutes and then remove the detergent and proceed with a rinsing program. 

For a deep cleansingInstead, remove the baskets and containers and wash them thoroughly by soaking them with a mix of water, sodium percarbonate and citric acid to which is added the specific ECODET detergent for dishwashers by Natura Amica. After a few minutes, scrub the dirt off and rinse everything off.  

The advice of Natura Amica I do not end here, to ensure the correct functioning of your dishwasher it is good to keep in mind other important precautions: always choose natural anti-odor products, before putting the dishes inside remove the dirt under hot water and arrange them in an orderly way, in order to avoid that they hit the central blades and that they are not washed correctly. Before starting the washing cycle, fill a spray bottle with water and sanitizing degreaser, also add a teaspoon of hand dishwashing powder detergent and spray the mixture on all the dishes: the citric acid and the percarbonate contained in the two products will behave from degreasers and odor absorbers, increasing the power of the eco-detergent. Finally, every fortnight we recommend that you wash the filters well so that they are always free from waste, germs and bacteria.  

With our ecological products and our tips, your dishwasher will always be flawless and will remain your faithful helper for many years! 

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