No more discolored dark garments!


Every time you put your favorite jeans in the washing machine be terrified that they can fade and never return as before?  

We at Natura Amica obviously have the solution: Pure Concentrated Ecodetersive powder for dark garments and jeans! 

It is a special powder to wash dark garments and jeans without discoloring them. A formula with only biodegradable, concentrated, natural and safe ingredients. Fundamental is the presence of rock alum, a color inhibitor of natural origin, which blocks the color preventing it from passing from fabric to fabric. Il Sapone di Marsiglia invece permette di eliminare lo sporco, mentre il Percarbonato di sodio, sbiancante naturale a base di ossigeno, igienizza i capi trattati grazie all’ossigeno attivo.

Its concentrated powder formula, already active at low temperatures both by hand and washing machine, sanitizes by staining and eliminating dirt in full respect of the skin and the environment. 

Like all Natura Amica products, Puro Ecodetersivo concentrated powder for dark garments and Jeans is also made with natural, concentrated, biodegradable ingredients. The packaging is also available with Aticelca certification, which makes the packaging appropriate for disposal in the Paper. 

How to use it? 

By hand: dip your jeans in a basin in which you will have dissolved in 5 lt of cold water and 2 tablespoons of detergent for dark garments and let the jeans soak for 30-45 minutes taking care to turn them over regularly. Rinse them well with cold water and always immerse them in cold water, where I would have dissolved a tablespoon of softening echo, so as to prevent the fiber of the jeans from hardening and drying out during drying. 

In the washing machine: treat the stains and make sure that your jeans are washed together with other dark garments to prevent the color from migrating during washing. Use Dark Garments Ecodetersive and choose the most suitable program, setting a low temperature and avoiding an excessively long and energetic centrifuge so as not to ruin the jeans fibers. Remember to add a dose of Softening Codetersive to reduce hardening and excessive drying of jeans fibers.  

And voilà, your jeans will look like new and so soft to wear! 

We love the Future! 


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