Natural method to clean and disinfect the mattress. 

Dust mites, germs and bacteria lurk everywhere, even in the mattress and for delete them it's not enough to change the sheets and air the room, you need to understand how sanitize it best to avoid having allergies and respiratory disorders.  


The mattress can be sanitized in different ways, but first you have to shake it with a carpet beater to remove the dirt dust and the germs present on both sides. This operation is best carried out outdoors, thus avoiding spreading dirt in the house. If space and time permit, leave it in the sun for a few hours, the heat eliminates the bad guys And smells And disinfect. After that, vacuum it and proceed with the sanitation. 


Two super green allies a lot effective and safe. Sprinkle on the mattress the bicarbonate using a colander to distribute it evenly. Leave him Act a few hours and then remove it with a brush or with the vacuum cleaner. If there are any spots or some halos, melt 2 tbsp Percarbonate in water warm (1 litre). Dip a cotton or microfiber cloth into the solution and pass it gently on stain or on the whole surface. For greater convenience: put the preparation in a spray dispenser! Leaves Act all for a few hours and then wipe the mattress with a cloth soaked in water and place it in the sun to dry. In case of stubborn stains, increase the concentration of Percarbonate and rub with a clean rag. Otherwise, pour the product directly on the mattress and do it Act for a few minutes. 


How remove stains and disinfect the mattress? Simple enough use two cloths, one soaked in water hot and Marseille soap and the other of Citric Acid. You can also use one solution composed of two tablespoons of citric acid dissolved in 500gr of water hot. Finally, if you have one Vaporella or any electrical appliance that emits steam, the game is done: by regulating the flow you can pass it on the mattress and sterilize it in all its parts. The heat of steam kills germs, bacteria and bad smells. Before making a clean bed, make sure that the mattress is dry, in order to avoid creating a humid habitat, inhospitable for you and very welcoming for the mites and not only…! 

How to maintain the mattress clean and sanitized 

Protect the mattress with a cover (mattress cover) and vacuum it at least once a month with the vacuum cleaner.   

Does it stain? We face the inconvenience with timing ei effective products. 

  • Still fresh liquid stains: take a cotton cloth and wet it slightly (it must not be soaked) with a solution based on Lisciva eco detergent (2 tablespoons) e water tepid. Rub it on stain and in case also use a toothbrush. Leaves Act all this for a few minutes and then dry the mattress in the sun.  
  • Urine Stains:they are very frequent and require a remedy capable of making the mattress new clean and fragrant. Fill a glass with water, dissolve a spoonful of Ecodetergent Marseille soap and bicarbonate. Soak a cloth and pass it over the mattress several times. Leaves Act and then dry in the sun. 
  •  Stains from drinks or food: in case of food, remove it carefully then untie 1 tablespoon of eco detergent for washing machine ina glass of water and pass the mixture on the mattress. You will see what a result! 

Choose Ecological Detergents by Natura Amica: Marseille soap, bicarbonate and sodium percarbonate, lye and Citric Acid! I'm natural, organic it's a lot effective. They clean and sanitize without using harmful chemicals and causing allergies or irritations. 

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