Have you had guests for dinner and the cooking is a mess? Does your stove always remain encrusted and you don't know how to do it? We will help you! Just have our natural Citric Acid, and in a few minutes your stove will be bright and stained again and your kitchen will be perfect.

It's that easy!  

First, get yourself a very large pot. Remove the racks and place them on your shelf. Then pass a wet piece to remove the dirt on the surface. Then remove the encrusted hobs which should not be hot and put them in the pot that you have filled with water in the meantime. Add two tablespoons of citric acid and bring to a boil for four or five minutes. At this point, being careful not to get burned, remove the stove from the water and place it on a surface. Let them cool for a moment and clean them with a steel sponge. Your stove should now be bright. Now that your stove is really clean, you can put it back on the hob. It is advisable to carry out this cleaning at least once a month, in this way the stove will always be clean and bright