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Come lavare i tappeti in modo corretto ed efficace!

I tappeti di casa sono un ricettacolo di polvere, acari, germi e batteri, bisogna mantenerli puliti e igienizzati con le soluzioni giuste, meglio se naturali ed ecologiche. Per i tappeti pregiati, come per esempio quelli persiani e antichi, è sconsigliato il lavaggio...

How to clean gas burners in an ecological and effective way!

The burner is the part of the stove from which the gas arrives, it is usually light in color and made of aluminum and requires careful maintenance with the right products, preferably natural and ecological. First of all it is good to know what not to do, that is, not to put it in...

Discover the ecological and natural solutions to always have brilliant glasses!

Limestone, the number one enemy of crockery as well, has the bad habit of depositing itself on the glass of glasses, creating an opaque patina that always makes them appear dirty even when in reality they aren't. Don't throw them away! Now you can count on a few ingredients…
Come pulire il frigorifero in maniera naturale 

How to clean the refrigerator naturally 

Cleaning the refrigerator also means eliminating bad odors and bacteria that can lurk in our appliance. In fact, it happens that these bacteria are present in large quantities inside this appliance, perhaps in...

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Giocattoli sani e puliti 

Healthy and clean toys 

Do you know how to sanitize and wash your child's toys?  Natura Amica has some small and precious suggestions for you! They put them on the ground, then in their mouths... you know, children love to play in freedom and experience the world and we must try to...

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Come si pulisce il cassetto della lavatrice? 

How do I clean the washing machine drawer? 

It may happen that the washing machine emits a bad smell and that the clothes do not smell fresh and clean, the cause is the limestone and soap residues that stagnate in the drawer. To eliminate them, it must be cleaned thoroughly. It's not complicated, that's it...

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Mai più tazze ingiallite e macchiate.  

No more yellowed and stained cups.  

Tea and coffee are our favorite drinks and among many qualities they also have flaws, first of all that of leaving halos and stubborn stains on white ceramic cups, making them yellowish and unattractive!   A remedy to make them...

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