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The story of Natura Amica begins in 1996, when Antonio and Maja Campagnoli give life to their dream of a return to the origins and natural processes, to create a better future for their children and their community. An adventure that starts from Piacenza, a town enclosed in those hills and countryside of Emilia Romagna where Maja and Stefano Antonio were born and raised.

A story of authentic colors and scents, of golden fields of corn and wheat, of rows of bright red tomatoes. Thus Natura Amica was born. A natural revolution, the revolution of Antonio and his passion for chemistry, from the awareness of a possible union between scientific knowledge and natural processes handed down by ancient traditions. The revolution also of Maja, because behind a great man there is always a great woman and her support.

Since that day in 1996, when Antonio decided to make a leap from teaching to entrepreneurship, they have never stopped looking for and experimenting with solutions and processes in which nature and progress can coexist. A conscious business vision that today offers products with only organic, organic, and sustainable ingredients.

Because dreams sometimes come true.

And Nature is always a friend.


Respect for the person and the environment are fundamental values that have always been part of the essence and philosophy of Natura Amica. Over time, the company's values and commitment have never changed: to create and offer effective products with simple formulas and natural ingredients that can safeguard the Planet and that are useful to all people who embrace a healthy lifestyle and in tune with Nature.

For this reason, all Natura Amica products do not contain any type of harmful chemistry, and none of the ingredients used are of animal origin or have been tested on animals. Natura Amica's goal has always been to help the present to build a better future, the biggest dream is to live in a greener, authentic world and in connection with Nature.

L’obiettivo di Natura Amica è da sempre aiutare il presente per costruire un futuro migliore, il sogno più grande è vivere in un mondo più verde, autentico e in connessione con la Natura.

The company's commitment is to improve itself every day and with its work do something good for the community, keeping intact the enthusiasm of the beginnings. The passion and creativity that distinguishes the whole Natura Amica team translates into being able to imagine a different future, where progress and respect for the environment can collaborate and grow together.


Why Choose Natura Amica

Living in a healthier, more authentic world and in connection with Nature is also our dream. We are simple and authentic people, who enthusiastically try to improve their work by doing something good for us and you. We love our commitment and imagine a different future, where progress and respect for the environment can work together and grow together. We use quality ingredients, we strictly control and certify our products to offer you safety and transparency, always. It is right for you, for us and above all for Nature.

The strong focus on sustainability is visible not only in all formulations, but also in bio-degradable packaging. Recently the brand new type of non-woven fabric - non-woven fabric - discovered by Prof. Campagnoli, designed for packaging. In fact, after years of research and studies, the Natura Amica team managed to replace the non-woven fabric with an innovative type of non-woven fabric, made of viscose fiber derived from cellulose (the wood of trees) and therefore totally natural. The inner part of the multipack packaging is also made of Aticelca certified paper, in this way the packaging becomes 100% recyclable.

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