Private Label

The Project

Since in 1983 the Campagnoli family decided to start the Zeca Group adventure, we have all never stopped being curious. This has allowed us to understand and study an infinite multitude of markets, processes and different technologies to always be able to propose and produce, with the collaboration of numerous partner companies, something innovative, interesting and winning. Precisely for this reason Natura Amica is proud to make its scientific and research heritage available to interested customers, which have made it the undisputed leader in the production of natural products for home, personal and pet care.

 Our in-house productions available for Private Label development concern:


vapo, roll on, gel, potassium alum crystals;


Powder and liquid shower gel, intimate cleansers, beauty and healing soaps, Shampoos, hair and beauty masks, face and body care products;


steam, talc, foot baths;


Organic detergents for animals, dog shampoo, sanitizer for kennels and litter boxes, cat talc, eye and ear care for dogs and cats;


pure active ingredients in powder form without harmful chemical additives, Eco-cleaners, special products for the sanitation of surfaces in the home;

Furthermore, ad hoc products can be created according to the tastes and needs of the customer.

Step by step mode

Step 1

Commercial contact Zeca - Customer

Step 2

Assortment selection among the available products

Step 3

Commercial scenario study: Zeca studies the distribution channel and the store in which the brand will be positioned

Step 4

Draft development

Step 5

Confirmation of drafts and production of articles and commercial supports

Technical needs

The logos and files provided by the customer must be sent in PDF or vector format if photos / images, in JPG format at 300dpi

Times and ways

Delivery time: Depending on the delivery of the correct files and the approval of the final drafts.

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