Colored garments 250Gr

Super concentrated hypoallergenic vegan formula active even at low temperatures specific for colored garments.


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INCI: Potassium Alum, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Carbonate Peroxide, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Soap, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Silica, Citric Acid, Parfum, Maltodextrin (bio), Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool.

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Powdered Eco-detergent COLORFUL GARMENTS from Natura Amica it is formulated with only biodegradable ingredients from renewable sources and safe for washing colored garments, without the risk of discoloring them, helping to maintain bright colors over time.

Its formula vegan and ecological, free of harmful chemicals, is effective both by hand and in the washing machine, even at low temperatures, while the presence of a high quantity of natural enzymes guarantee their effectiveness even at low temperatures.

The composition is enriched with Alum Rock which fixes the colors and makes them bright and shiny, avoiding the dangerous transmigration of the color (the transfer of the darker color is deposited on the lighter one, damaging it). Once the stain has been identified, the special surfactants surround it and allow it to be dispersed in the water, cleaning the garment and keeping the color intact. 

100% Natural. Concentrated powder detergent COLORFUL GARMENTS from Natura Amica it does not contain 

  • Phosphorus or phosphates 
  • Preservatives 
  • Optical brighteners 
  • Nickel and metal free 
  • Microplastics 
  • It does not contain ingredients of animal origin or derivation. Natura Amica is against animal testing. 

Its innovative green formulation in concentrated powder, already active at low temperatures by hand and in the washing machine, sanitizes by removing stains and removing dirt while fully respecting the skin and the environment, and is based on 

  • Alum Rock for keep colors alive by sanitizing fabrics. 
  • Marseille soap to ensure a cleaning action and remove dirt from the fibers. 
  • Sodium bicarbonate to eliminate any odor and residue from clothing,  
  • Maltodextrin to keep the metal parts of the washing machine shiny and shiny. 

This Ecodetergent is studiedto minimize environmental impact  

  • 1 dose of product is sufficient to obtain the desired effect.  
  • The transport of super concentrated products emitsless CO2, thanks to the lower volumes transported. 
  • With the powder formula, water consumption is reduced and only one cleaning product is purchased e ZERO harmful chemistry. 

Natura Amica advises 

For difficult stains pre-treat the garment by pouring a solution of product directly on the stain and rub gently, then wash by hand or in the washing machine. The detergentdoes not leave potentially allergenic residues on clean fabricsand prevents formationlimescale and deposits on the metal parts of the washing machine. 

We suggest always to do a test to check the color resistance of the fabric. Respecting the indicated doses avoids waste in favor of the environment.

The product is certified BIO ECO DETERGENCY AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture) e Vegan quality (from the same institution, certainty that we do not use components of animal origin). 

How to use  

LAUNDRY IN THE WASHING MACHINE (for 5 kg of laundry) 

Put 2 tablespoons in the detergent drawer. The recommended temperature depends on the type of wash and garments (30 ° for delicate and colored items, 60 ° for whites and cotton, 90 ° for heavily soiled items). 

NORMAL DIRT: 1 tablespoon or 1 and a half tablespoons depending on the hardness of the water. 

STURDY DIRTY: 1 and a half tablespoons or 2 depending on the hardness of the water. 

It is recommended to pour the dose directly into the appropriate tray or to use a common dosing ball. The use of the ball, in addition to favoring the dissolution of the detergent, even at low temperatures, allows to improve the washing effect and significantly reduce the quantity of product up to 15 - 20%. 

HAND WASHING: fill a basin with warm water and add 2 tablespoons of powder. Leave the cloths to soak. Wash and rinse. 

An extra attention: always read the washing instructions on the label of your garments before proceeding with the washing. 

Before using our solid detergents, with a high concentration of washing power, it is strongly recommended to perform a cleaning of the appliance, carrying out at least one complete empty washing cycle, with ours CARE WASHING MACHINE, at high temperatures. After carrying out this operation, our detergents will be ready to guarantee maximum cleaning effectiveness.

5 reviews for Capi colorati 250Gr

  1. Pamela -

    I find it has an excellent and complete INCI. No need to add anything else and the laundry comes out clean and fragrant.

  2. Camilla Bortolini -

    Excellent detergent, Washes colored fabrics well even at low temperatures. Definitely recommend it. The only drawback it smells good, but not persistent

  3. Elisa -

    I like it very much, a little expensive compared to others with the same effectiveness considering the number of washes that are indicated but given the super reliable brand

  4. Paolo Sassi -

    Optimal. It dissolves easily without leaving any residue.

  5. Cinzia -

    I recently discovered this brand and I love it! I was really happy with this product.

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