Natural additive citric acid 250Gr

Eco-bio concentrated vegan additive, multipurpose and useful as a softener, rinse aid, descaler and descaler.


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250 gr.

INCI: Citric Acid, Maltodextrin (bio).

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The powder additive CITRIC ACID from Natura Amica it is formulated with only natural and safe ingredients. Its vegan and biodegradable formula, free of harmful chemicals, makes it perfect to be used pure or diluted in water and is already active at low temperatures.  Citric Acid is an active ingredient present in a large variety of fruits and vegetables, in particular, in citrus fruits. Natura Amica uses it of quality food anhydrous, with no added harmful substances. A single product for a thousand uses in total safety. Ecological, versatile and multi-task, with citric acid 

  • All surfaces in the house are cleaned. 
  • It replaces the traditional softeners. 
  • Limescale is also eliminated from sanitary ware, thanks to its descaling action.

Its innovative green formulation is based on purest  

  • Citric Acid, with softening and descaling function. 
  • Maltodextrin to ensure greater protection of the laundry and the metal parts of the washing machine. 

Furthermore, this additive softens hard water, reducing the amount of detergent to be used and maintaining the same washing efficiency.  

This product is designedto minimize the environmental impactstarting from the packaging in Aticelca 100% recyclable, to the method of use: 1 dose of product is sufficient to obtain the desired effect. 

The transport of super concentrated products emitsless CO2, thanks to lower volumes transported; moreover, with the powder formula the consumption of water is reduced and only one cleaning product is purchased e ZERO harmful chemistry.

Natura Amica advises 

The website all the washable surfaces:apply the citric acid-based solution to remove limescale, leave to act for a few minutes, then rinse. 

In the washing machine:every month pour 1 liter of citric acid solution (with about 150 gr.) directly into the empty basket and start a high temperature program, for an actiondescaler. The solution to the 15% (about 150 gr.) from citric acid it is effective against limescale, without releasing the unpleasant odor of conventional descaling chemicals for the bathroom. It is a weak acid, therefore, it must be handled with due precautions, avoiding contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. 

In the washing machine as a liquid softener:pour 100 ml of citric acid solution (1 liter per 100 g approx.) into the softener compartment. 

In the dishwasher as a rinse aid:fill the rinse aid compartment with the citric acid solution (with approx. 150 g) and set the indicator to the maximum. 

The product is certified BIO ECO DETERGENCY AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture) e Vegan quality (from the same institution, certainty that we do not use components of animal origin). 

How to use 

Dissolve 150 grams of citric acid in 1 liter of distilled water and the solution will be immediately ready to be used. It is important to remember to shake the bottle well before each use. 


Put 3 tablespoons of citric acid into the fabric softener compartment and wash as normal. 

DESCALESPRAY Pour 3 tablespoons of citric acid in a spray container and add half a liter of water. Shake well before use. Spray on the surfaces and leave to act for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

WARNINGS  Keep the container ofcitric acid tightly closed, in a cool, dry and protected from light. Do not mix with other additives. Do not use directly on fabrics. Do not use on marble, stone, wood and on all surfaces where the use of acidic substances is not recommended. It is a weak acid that must still be handled with due precautions, avoiding contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. 

11 reviews for Additivo naturale acido citrico 250Gr

  1. Marta -

    Can i use pure citric acid to make effervescent bath bombs at home?

    • admin -

      Sure Marta, our Citric Acid is anhydrous so perfect for use!

  2. Angelina -

    Hi, can it be used as a descaler for the espresso machine? Thank you!

    • admin -

      Good evening, certainly in the indicated doses it is a perfect descaler!

  3. sandra violetti -

    It has become a must now, we use it instead of fabric softener to make the washing machine, and it is also plastic free! perfect for the skin and also for the environment

  4. Marussia -

    Can I use your citric acid to make ricotta? Is it edible or is it risky to use it for food purposes?

    • Natura Amica -

      Good morning, thank you for writing to us. Unfortunately not, even if our written Acid is of food grade and quality we cannot advise you to use it for audible or food use because we do not have this certification.

  5. Nunzia Patriarch -

    Excellent citric acid, it dissolves perfectly without leaving residues on the bottom of the nebulizer unlike the others I have tried over the years. I use it with 25% as a softener, to remove limescale from dishes and in house cleaning and to clean windows. No more chemicals. More citric acid for everyone !!!!!

  6. Valentino -

    SUPER multipurpose product that I now use everywhere in the house both for the washing machine as a softener and descaler and for the dishwasher. It also has an excellent value for money since with a product I make more uses. With the promos then I do the escort.

  7. Cosimo Ranucci -

    I have known and used it since it was not in fashion and I am very happy that people have finally known it and above all are understanding the power of this product. It is a product that solves many problems, saves you money and above all avoids you numerous health problems in the long run, respecting nature.

  8. Concetta -

    They always answer even the most technical questions: I needed help to solve a water problem at my restaurant between customer service and laboratory, they immediately activated and solved it in the blink of an eye by solving it for me. Concetta di Pachino

  9. Sara Tambussini -

    Finally, I don't have to wait for supermarket promotions to be able to order it whenever I feel like it.
    Thanks Natura Amica.

    • Rodrigo -

      Thanks to you, Sara!

  10. Franca F. -

    The only, true citric acid. It has no rivals.

    • Rodrigo -

      A thousand thanks!
      We only use citric acid for food to have an extremely high quality level!
      Natura Amica
      We Love the Future

  11. Sandrine Jovinac -

    J'utilise ce produit comme adoucissant maison, produit de rinçage et pour éliminer le calcaire des toilettes. J'économise et ne pollue pas.

    • Rodrigo -

      Hello Sandrine!
      Do you buy it in France?
      Natura Amica

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