Sgrassatore igienizzante universale in polvere profumato 25Gr

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25 g.

INCI: Potassium alum, citric acid, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate peroxide, silica, sodium lauryl sulfate, parfum, maltodextrin (bio), geraniol, limonene, linalool.

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The UNIVERSAL SANITIZING DEGREASER powder of Natura Amica, thanks to its vegan formula and its natural and biodegradable ingredients derived from renewable sources, it is an effective and safe solution to clean the house thoroughly. Suitable forcleaning of ovens, hoods, worktops, kitchen equipmentand in all cases where an energetic cleaning action is needed, capable of respecting surfaces and materials. It does not leave halos and prevents limescale. 

The product is also suitable as a pre-treatment for the laundry of white and colored garments. 

Eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals effectively removes the most stubborn dirt, releasing a pleasant lemon scent. 

100% natural. The UNIVERSAL SANITIZING DEGREASER powder of Natura Amica it does not contain 

  • Chlorine 
  • Petrochemical solvents 
  • Optical brighteners 
  • SLES or EDTA 
  • Emulsifiers 
  • Ingredients of animal origin or derivation. Natura Amica is against animal testing. 

Its innovative green formulation is based on 

  • citric acid to reducewater hardness and eliminate limescale residues by acting as a natural degreaser. 
  • Rock alum a natural salt with a strong sanitizing action. 
  • Maltodextrin 

This product is designedto minimize environmental impact 

  • 1 dose of product is sufficient to obtain the desired effect.  
  • The transport of super concentrated products emitsless CO2, thanks to the lower volumes transported. 
  • With the powder formula, water consumption is reduced and only one cleaning product is purchased e ZERO harmful chemistry. 

The product is certified BIO ECO DETERGENCY AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture) e Vegan quality (from the same institution, certainty that we do not use components of animal origin). 

How to use  

Dilute 1 dose of product in 500ml of hot water and spray carefully on the surface, leave it to act for a few seconds, then wipe with a clean microfibre cloth or a damp cloth. For encrustations, leave to act for 5 minutes and rinse. 

As a stain remover for fabrics: spray the product on the stain, rub lightly and leave to act for a few minutes. Then move on to washing in the washing machine or by hand. 


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