How to clean floors without polluting using natural methods

Do you want to sanitize and eliminate bacteria from the floors of your home but do not want to use bleach because it is dangerous for your health and that of your children?  

Lately, many families have been looking for alternative methods to bleach at home, but not wanting to give up cleaning. Natura Amica has created specific natural floor cleaners for parquet, marble or tile floors. The Natura Amica floor cleaner is a concentrated eco-detergent in natural powder and formulated with only biodegradable and safe ingredients. The product is completely free of phosphates, optical brighteners, synthetic surfactants, dyes and preservatives, and is designed in different variants to clean all types of floors effectively, without leaving streaks, just a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and a pleasant scent. persistent for a long time. 

How to use them? 

Best dissolve 1/2 tablespoon of powder in the bucket you usually use with 5 liters of hot water and wipe the surfaces with a soaked and well wrung cloth. I recommend: our eco-cleaners are super concentrated and work perfectly with the recommended doses. Stop wasting! Find the one that best suits the surfaces of your home!  

Natura Amica formulations are made in powder form to minimize the waste of water and to minimize the risks to the health of people and nature. The active ingredients in poor form do not require the addition of preservatives and stabilizers that are harmful to the environment and maintain a much higher cleaning and sanitizing power than liquids. In this way, no plastic is used for packaging, so less waste is produced and the space occupied on the trucks during transport is far less, which means less traffic and therefore less pollution. With Natura Amica you choose much more than a simple product: you embrace an eco-sustainable philosophy of life and a new concept of care for yourself, for those you love and for Nature.  

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