How to clean the mocha regularly to enjoy a coffee like at the bar

Cleaning the mocha in a natural way, without using soaps or chemical detergents – not recommended by coffee connoisseurs – is not only possible, but also recommended. 

To sanitize coffee makers and filters and free them from limescale and coffee residues, however, it is necessary to use the right products.  

To sanitize coffee makers and filters and free them from limescale and coffee residues, however, it is necessary to use the right products. ...  

Cleaning the mocha and filters: natural remedies 

Before going into this theme, let's see how to prepare for this operation without risking damaging our beloved coffee maker.  

First you need to disassemble the mocha to check the status of the individual pieces, especially filter and gasket.  

In the case of a clogged filter, first proceed to unblock the puncture with a needle or pin, while for the gasket a cotton cloth soaked in a solution of water and anti-limescale must be used. If worn by heat, it must naturally be changed. 

For the external parts blackened by the burns of the gas you can prepare a mixture consisting of water and two tablespoons of citric acid, with abrasive as well as sanitizing properties. After passing the solution with a sponge on the stained parts of the mocha, rinse well with warm water et voilà: your mocha will shine as when you bought it. 

Anti-limescale descaler for coffee machines is the ideal product to restore your mocha to its natural splendor

If it is true that it is not necessary to clean the mocha thoroughly every day so as not to make your coffee lose its aroma, it is equally true that every now and then an "intensive" cleaning is necessary. 

But what is better to use to keep our mocha alive for a long time?  

To eliminate the limescale that affects the flavor of our beloved coffee, and that represents the greatest threat to our coffee maker, we at Natura Amica have created a  

formula that you will no longer be able to do without: the Anti-limescale Descarant for coffee machines. 

How to use it? 

Fill the coffee maker tank in half with water and a tablespoon of descaling agent. Then put the mocha on the fire, as if you were preparing coffee, and wait for the mixture to completely fill the top of the coffee maker.  

The mix of descaling agent and water will also "catch" dissolved limestone and coffee residues.  

 At this point, prepare a first "vacuum" coffee with a tablespoon of coffee so as to begin to impregnate the mocha with this flavor. 

After this first coffee your mocha will be back at full capacity, for many otherscaffè al baci 

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