Fido loves to sleep in the clean. Word of Friendly Nature! 

Fido loves to sleep in the clean. Word of Friendly Nature! 

Let's see together how to wash your blankets. 


To avoid the proliferation of bacteria and bad smells it is good to periodically wash the blankets and also all the fabrics on which our beloved four-legged friend loves to relax and rest, first of all, however, we must know that its pH is different from ours , therefore it is advisable to carry out specific washing cycles and use the right products.  

These precautions are used to avoid  

  • To create irritation and allergies on their delicate skin  
  • Not to get effective cleaning 

With this in mind, always choose a natural eco-detergent free of chemicals and harmful substances, capable of penetrating deeply into the tissues without damaging them.  

We recommend the Strong Lye which sanitizes and eliminates allergens, thanks to its blend of natural active ingredients, such as Percarbonate, the Marseille soap And Citric Acid to clean even the most difficult dirt without leaving toxic residues.  

Natura Amica Lye is 100% organic, does not contain phosphorus and optical brighteners and is a guarantee of safety for your dog!  

Washing must be long and at high temperatures: 60 ° 


Your furry friend, after sleeping on a clean, perfumed and sanitized blanket ... will thank you! 

Word of Friendly Nature. 



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