Learn how to get rid of yellow spots and halos from shirt necks and cuffs.  


If the collars of your shirts are yellow and the cuffs never look really clean, you can count on an effective and natural solution to restore them to their former glory. 

White shirts. Make a paste by putting it in a bowl two tablespoons of percarbonate sodium. A little at a time and as you mix, add some hot water.  

Thesodium percarbonate(not perborate) is an ecological product sincewhitening and sanitizing power if used at high temperatures (50 °), so as to allow it to release active oxygen and eliminate stains and halos. 

After obtaining a creamy consistency, take a spoon and spread it on the surface to be treated. Leave it on for half an hour, then gently scrub with an old toothbrush: this way you remove the excess halo.  


At this point, wash the shirt in the washing machine, we recommend that you choose a detergent Washing machine ecological, like those of Natura Amica which are natural and biodegradable, while for the white that needs a boost, choose our Eco-detergent Lisciva, flawless on fabrics and also ideal for those with pets: it eliminates allergens and bacteria. 

Light and colorful shirts. Prepare onepastaputting in a bowltwo tablespoons of Marseille soap and sodium bicarbonate eco-detergent. Mix and add hot water. Once you have obtained a creamy consistency, with a spoon spread it on the surface to be treated and let it act for half an hour, then rub lightly with an old toothbrush. Finally, wash it in the washing machine with an Eco-detergent. In order not to damage the fabrics and respect the colors, rely on the Eco-detergent Marseille Soap and Sodium Bicarbonate by Natura Amica: real concentrated powder, natural and biodegradable. Safe for you, your clothes and the environment. 

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